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Home Remodeling By Champion Builders of Scottsdale Arizona

Remodeling your Scottsdale Arizona home is a great way to move up in the housing market without having to move out. It's also the perfect way to enhance your homes attractiveness if you're planning on selling it. Some projects make good economic sense and others don't. In an especially tight market like many Arizona cities are experiencing, remodeling may be the best way to go.

The recovery percentages presented here are for selected improvements which give the best return on investment. Percentages are based on current remodeling costs for improvements on a 1,500 sq. ft. medium-priced home.

Home RemodelingReal Estate agents agree that a lackluster kitchen can hurt the sale of a house but a total kitchen make-over makes sense only if the colors and design have broad appeal. It is almost impossible to recoup the investment if the remodel is extravagant. If you remodel for your own satisfaction the return is not relevant.

Modifying under-utilized areas of a home is cheaper than to add on since the roof, foundation and some walls already exist. Once you've decided to go ahead and remodel, you'll need to first put together a budget. This may be the least fun, but the most important part of the process. One suggestion is to find out what similar homes in your neighborhood are selling for. The difference between that price and what you paid for your home is an indication of how much you could prudently spend on the project. This is particularly true if you anticipate selling within several years and expect to recoup your investment.

Even the smallest remodeling project is complex. All projects inevitably involve many people. There are city and state inspectors and officials, tradesmen, craftsmen and vendors of all types. Then there is the unfamiliar and often bewildering menu of materials, colors and textures. It takes experience, special skills and careful management to put this all together efficiently and in a timely manner. Everyone has heard horror stories about good contractors who took forever to finish a project because they were "good craftsmen" but "terrible managers." The choice does not have to be between the two. At Champion Builders we take pride in putting together a team of good craftsmen and good managers. We want to einsure that we do your job the way you want it...on time, within your budget and with quality throughout!

Having established preliminary plans and budgets there is a tendency to want to rush into the construction phase. This can actually slow the process. Take the time to specify and get firm delivery dates on all items before you begin construction wherever possible. That way you'll find out in advance if there is a long lead time on a particular item. You may want to consider a substitute or incorporate changes into the design. At Champion Builders we take the time to plan and prepare so that the actual construction moves quickly.

The whole idea is to improve your living space and lifestyle. The way you go about it makes all the difference in the world. Know what you want. Decide on a workable budget and stick to it. Find a contractor to manage the project and does quality work. Take the time up front to plan and the rest will follow. Have fun with the process and enjoy!

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